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Monday, 24 October 2016

Lloris we miss aggression and urgency

Hugo Lloris seems to be of the same opinion as me in that we need to be more aggressive in the final third, instead of waiting until we go behind to look dangerous. being patient is one thing, but you can not always wait for a side to make a mistake before you punish them, you have to create those mistakes.

You do that by taking them out of their comfort zone. You get them hurrying to do everything and that means we have to move the ball quicker at times. You can't let side just stick to their game plan, you have to make them throw it out the window.

The main attribute Ryan Mason had was that he switched play quickly, it's an element of Wanyama's game he needs to work on and let's face it, it isn't difficult, it is just being mentally right. Without a sense of urgency, you don't play urgent football. We need to switch on at times and play with that urgency.

We did it against Manchester City and mentally we have to see games against WBA and Bournemouth as just as important, just as big. They are because a game only contains three points.

On the result 
"I always say when you cannot win, you must not lose, but it’s three draws in a row now and we needed to score. Perhaps we need to be more aggressive in the last 30 yards, in our runs, in our passes. Look, it’s football and there are ups and downs. We had good control of the game apart from the first 10 or 15 minutes when they had a lot of pressure and had a good chance. It’s not enough because we have ambition, so we’re not happy with a point."

On his early save 
"It was with my left leg. You just try to react and get the ball away and it worked today. It’s not the most important thing but okay, it helped the team stay in the game. Defensively, we need to be positive because it’s another clean sheet and it’s not an anomaly - we are consistent defensively. I used to always repeat that it has to be our basics, so defensively it’s good, we didn’t give them many chances but we need to improve offensively and that’s the responsibility of all the players, not just one, two or three."


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