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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Lawrensen is not as bad as it seems

Few Spurs fans I know have much time for former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrensen as a pundit with his apparent dislike of Spurs. The table yesterday showed his prediction that we would be well down the table in 8th below Leicester City.

My Football Facts has a weekly look at his predictions so what has he suggested for Spurs so far this season?

Matchday 1 (13/08/16) - Everton 1-1 Tottenham CORRECT
Matchday 2 (19/08/16) - Tottenham 2-0 Crystal Palace We WON 1-0
Matchday 3 (27/08/16) - Tottenham 1-1 Liverpool CORRECT
Matchday 4 (10/09/16) - Stoke 1-1 Tottenham We WON 4-0
Matchday 5 (16/09/16) - Tottenham 2-0 Sunderland We WON 1-0
Matchday 6 (24/09/16) - Middlesbrough 0-2 Tottenham We WON 2-1
Matchday 7 (01/10/16) - Tottenham 2-2 Man City We WON 2-0

So according to Mark Lawrensen we should have conceded 5 goals, we have conceded 3 so not bad, he was accurate until this week. He feels we should have scored 11 goals when we have scored 12 so again not too bad on that score.

He has got two scorelines spot on and a further 3 results right with 2 results wrong, the Stoke City draw and the Manchester City victory this weekend.


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