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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Dele Alli

Spurs fans enjoyed the Dele Alli nutmeg on on loan Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere at Bournemouth yesterday in the 0-0 draw that maintained our unbeaten record but dropped us two points.

Prior to the game yesterday Dele Alli had attempted more tackles than any other Spurs player, 31 in total. The all action player is still only 20 (21 next April) and is learning his craft. Some of his touches are sublime and he has the confidence to try things, but equally he has a tendency to switch off in defence and let his man get away.

It will all come with experience and the new system allows us to keep him in the dangerous areas of the pitch. It was a concern when he was initially moved back to defensive midfield that his talent could be wasted there, but the 4-1-4-1 with Dembele allowed him to play where he can affect the game.

Dele Alli nutmeg counter update: Premier League: 7 Champions League: 4 International: 2

Dele Alli has only lost 2 PL games in which he has started: WWWDDWWDWDLWWWDLWWWWWDWWDWWDDDWWWWD P35 W22 D11 L2 13 Goals 8 Assists

The above statistics are obviously before the Bournemouth game.


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