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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Davies replacements


With Chelsea rumours of Ben Davies interest, Tottenham have been linked with several left-back replacements. It is normal to scout players in all positions, even if you don't need a player yet, but of course when there is a possibility you might lose a player the press love to latch onto that and start the suggestion rumour mill going.

There are the discussion with 19-year-old (20 next April) Brazilian Guilherme Arana od Corinthians, then there is 26-year-old (27 next May) Jonas Hector, the Cologne German international and now reports resurfacing of us watching Jordan Lukaku once again.

If truth be told we haven't stopped watching the 22-year-old (23 nxt July) Belgian international who currently plays in Serie A for Lazio. We have been watching him for a couple of years so apparently, according to our national press where two plus two makes five, we have been plotting a move on several occasions. Yes naturally they report we are plotting a move again.

Amazing the number of moves we are apparently plotting. There is of course no guarantee Davies will leave next summer, Pochettino will know the score. These rumours are unlikely to stop until next summer unless the press decide Chelsea have dropped interest.


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