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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

David Pleat scouting again


Tottenham undertake plenty of scouting in the lower leagues and David Pleat is often to be found at grounds watching players we are interested in. He watched Dele Alli a lot and last Saturday he was at Stevenage who lost to one of my bets of the day, Plymouth Argyle.

No news on who we were watching, but there were a host of scouts in attendance from every league including a scout from Scotland.



  1. I still dont really buy that Pleat was the sole readon we bought Dele Alli.
    Paul Mitchell was at MK Dons with Dele in the Karl Robinson set up. Paul Mitchell's first signing as Tottenham head of recruitment was Dele Alli. Karl Robinson at the time seemed quite involved in the process and seemed really happy with the deal struck and for Alli.
    Almost a year and a half later when Dele Alli started looking like an absolute star, pleaty comes out and says he scouted him.
    Then when Mitchell, who has been immense for us in signing underpriced gems, resigned over the NKoudou deal falling apart, all spurs fans are like "sure it was pleaty signed amd scouted Dele Alli". I just dont buy that narrative at all.

    1. I don't buy that Pleat is some super scout but I'm pretty sure that we had been interested in Alli well before Mitchell signed with us.
      I still think that losing Mitchell will be a huge blow for our whole setup but I don't think that he's responsible for Alli or for some of the other signings that we had been interested in before him, he may have pushed the transfer over the line after looking at scout reports though
      Who knows.

  2. Coming to a red light district near you!

  3. Coming to a red light district near you!



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