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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Christian Eriksen


Christian Eriksen said Tottenham showed their character and kept believing, both against Sunderland and Manchester City, two wins but different circumstances.

He make the same point to the official website that it doesn't matter who you are playing, three points is three points. That is easy to say but not so easy to put into practice. Those that do it best win titles, those who drop their performance off against lesser sides fall short. Arsenal have been brilliant against lesser sides over the years, it is what has kept them in the top four and seen us fall short.

Your motivation dictates your performance so players need to be individually motivated to see each game as a vital game. If a side is to win the league then beating perceived lesser teams is essential, dropping points against them regularly suggests something is wrong with that motivation.

Each game forms part of a bigger picture and if you can motivate players to see how each game fits into that bigger picture, then you have a chance of achieving what Leicester City did last season. Their mentality last season was simply superb, a lesson to every side in the Premier league. A lesson we have to take on board and use as motivation ourselves.

It's amazing what can be achieved if you believe it can be achieved.

Christian Eriksen

On whether the scoreline could have been greater
“I think so, with all the chances we had we could have done more but at the end it was still very good. I’m very, very happy that we got the three points. It was a very tough game but we showed our character.”
On different feeling to winning other games, like 1-0 at home to Sunderland 
“Of course it is different but a win is a win. It doesn’t really matter who you’re playing. Against Sunderland, at 1-0, it was very nervy until the end but this was luckily 2-0 so a bit different. If you miss a penalty you still get a little bit nervous but again I think we showed our character and kept believing.”


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