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Friday, 21 October 2016

Burley disappointed with Spurs

Craig Burley gave his assessment of Tottenham Hotspurs' Premier League performance against WBA last weekend and didn't seem to recognise there was a Champions League game coming up. It isn't something he ever had to deal with as a manager I suppose so has no experience of the fatigue poroblems involved.

"I thought disappointment from Tottenham's perspective. This is a side who pre-international break were absolutely flying, that was rolling over teams, 4 wins on the bounce including the best performance of the season against most people's favourites, Manchester City. 
"No Harry Kane is the side recently but Son Heung-min has done a great job up front and his movement has been key to Tottenham's good play, or one of the components. he didn't start and he wasn't the only change Tottenham made for this game and if it is injuries I understand. But I don't get changing a team for the sake of changing it. Yes players have been away on international duty, yes players have travelled, but I just want to get that continuity back on the field. 
"I want to get these players who have played so well for me back on the field and if it was just club rotation or team rotation then Pochettino has got it wrong. It's bugbear of mine with managers, however, going away from home in the Premier League and picking up a point is not a disaster, but I was disappointed that Tottenham just couldn't keep up the great form and I suppose Pochettino might say the international break came at a bad time, but he had to deal with it, he had to make the changes and it didn't quite work out."


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