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Friday, 7 October 2016

Bentaleb has a point

It seems plenty of fans want to savage Nabil Bentaleb even though what he has to say has been true over the years. Our home support has not been great, many are there to sit quietly and be entertained by the game, which if you are surrounded by people who do that, is what you fall into yourself.

Our away supporters are a far better bunch, they sing and make an atmosphere all the time. Thye cheer when we are behind doing their bit to encourage the team. There are not enough in the home supporters who do the same thing. Our home support are fair weather supporters and the hatred there has been to certain players in no way helps.

"Even if Tottenham were on top of the league, I would not regret my transfer. We fight and I believe that's also the reason that the fans support us. I don't know that from England. If you lose there, nobody supports you in the stadium."



  1. Lets hope he plays well so we can get the full reported £17m, hopefully Bentaleb & £20m for Max Meyer. He was never good enough for us.

  2. He's bound to feel that way.. every time I saw his name in the starting lineup, I was sure we'd drop points.. n usually, we did.. amazing defence can't do much if the opposition can just steam through the middle of the pitch



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