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Monday, 3 October 2016

Are you going to take us seriously now?


So now do you believe?

Are we now going to get the credit we deserve from the media and a section of our own fans?

Our boys laid down a marker today that told everyone we are serious title contenders, not contenders for 4th place with the probability of fifth place. We are a far better side than many believe.

Manchester United spent £150-million last summer and another fortune this summer, which according to our cheque book fans should mean they are challenging for the title, yet they drew 1-1 with a Stoke City side we hammered 4-0.

Manchester United lost to Man City and for three quarters of the game we played them off the park. They simply couldn't handle our high pressing game and kept passing the ball back to the goalkeeper, they spent half the game passing the wrong way.

They came into the game really only in the last third when we tired a little, then they had chances and as fans we had a few nervous moments, but seven game have gone now and we haven't conceded a goal from open play yet, that is some achievement.

Our two centre-backs in particular were magnificent and Victor Wanyama had his best game for us, none of the going through the motions stuff he was dishing out at Southampton last season. Gone was the laziness, the slow passing, today he was tuned on to the game, indeed the same can be said about Vertonghen, another usually guilty of the pedestrian pass.

This was a brilliant victory without Harry Kane, Mousa Dembele and for the most part without Eric Dier. We showed we have a squad and Sissoko is a good signing for us


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