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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Are Inter lining up Villas-Boas to replace Frank de Boer already?

Are Inter lining up Villas-Boas to replace Frank de Boer already?

Things are not going well for Frank de Boer, the Dutch coach who was a candidate for the Tottenham Hotspur job before we appointed Mauricio Pochettino. He is under the threat of the sack with suggestions in Italy that former Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas is being lined up to take over.

Inter sit 14th in Serie A with 11 points after 9 games. Juventus top the table with 21, Roma have 19 and the third Champions League slot is held by fierce rivals AC Milan also on 19 points.

"I think it's important to work hard to get out of this situation. I want to understand how we can change things because it has been tough for everyone. We have to stay united to get out of this rut. I think it's only a question of time. It won't be easy but the club and Suning understand the situation we're in. I'm confident things will change. 
"I think the first half against Atalanta was the worst since I've been here. I was very angry with the players because they didn't perform as I know they can do. We changed attitude after half-time and had a lot more courage. I believe the changing room is still on my side and I have a lot of faith in the team. 
"The club are behind me every day. We speak all the time and there's a positive atmosphere. I feel everyone is behind me, including Suning. This is very important both for myself and the team. I don't want to talk about losing my job; I just want to focus on preparing for tomorrow evening's match. 
"My philosophy will never change. We have performed as we're capable of doing in many games. It's true, we have made some mistakes and right now we cannot make any more. 
"Even if I had arrived earlier, I would have built Inter in the same way, understanding what our strengths and weaknesses are. Step by step we're constructing the team. We're faced with obstacles but we want to improve. The club was aware of these difficulties and I think changing the coach won't solve any of them."


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