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Monday, 5 September 2016

Why should there be trouble against CSKA Moscow?

I note on forums there is discussion over fans travelling to Russia for the CSKA Moscow UEFA Champions League game on 27 September.

There are plenty of scaremongers about, who have probably never been to Russia and are basing their fear solely on the European Championships this summer. Russian sides play in the UEFA Champions League every season without incident, even against English sides so why should there be trouble against Spurs.

France and Italy have seen our fans attacked, probably worse than anything that will happen in Russia. The sponsors can not allow violence at games, that isn't the image they or UEFA want to portray. Trouble tends to find trouble and England fans were not blameless in France. There was an element trying to take over sections of town as if they owned it. They were not the general law abiding tourist.

The time for signing is inside the ground, not outside it. If you are going to be antagonistic you can't complain when you find trouble.

Both Liverpool and Everton have been recently, Manchester United, ourselves without trouble. I don't see any reason why it should be different.

If you want to go it is your decision, the prejudice opinion of someone else shouldn't have any bearing on that decision. Talk to a travel agent, email Tottenham (link takes you to advice from the club) and take advice from the home office if you wish. You are going to get better advice from those quarters than some random individual on a forum who you don't know and whose opinion may well stem from watching international football on the telly.


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