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Friday, 2 September 2016

Video: Josh Onomah vs Liverpool


Mauricio Pochettini made it clear to all players where they stood in the squad and what thye could expect from this season. Several, while hearing what the manager said, didn't appreciate the fact it might have on them, Footballers think they are going to be picked, their performance will change the managers mind.

Youth development is a key strategy at the club and the path for youth can't be blocked. The emergence of Josh Onomah and Harry Winks has helped push Ryan Mason, who I have nothing but admiration for given the part he played in our revival, and Nacer Chadli towards the door. They could be sitting on the bench but if Winks or Onomah are brought on for cameo roles to slowly build their game it sends a clear message.

It is often only then that a player really realises he isn't going to be playing much, that youth is going to be preferred over him. It is up to Winks and Onomah to take their chances this season now..


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