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Friday, 23 September 2016

Tottenham PR machine is stepping up to the plate

The Tottenham Public Relations team have really stepped up their game this summer keeping Tottenham's name in the frame with constant fresh news stories. Today's is the contract extension of Kyle Walker.

Basel was the turning point for us when a young side who had been together for a while playing a set system tormented us ay White Hart Lane and we somehow came away with a draw. That blueprint seemed to be the way forward for me and it seems Daniel Levy too as it is one we have adopted and is being implemented rather well by Mauricio Pochettino.

He, I hope, is an example to young English managers coming through that it is not good enough to simply buy a team, the improvement and development of players should be central to every coach, it isn't. Coaches, it seems, tend to create teams, they don't so much develop. The emergence of so many youngsters at Tottenham show how a development system should work and that is part of a managers remit.

Tottenham have invested time and money in youth and are holding on to players because we are improving them and improving as a team. Clearly the announcement of contract extensions is being maximised. Mauricio Pochettino has announced at more than one press conference that this may not be the last signing, we may be announcing more in days or weeks.

We want to keep players on long contracts so annually negotiate extended deals. It protects us and we seem to be announcing a new extension every week or even two a week at times. Part and parcel of marketing is keeping the Tottenham name in the public eye, these continual announcements are just one way of achieving that, together with partnership deals which again keep our name in the business world and help us attract more sponsorship deals.

The club have made clear improvements in the last 5 years off the field, in the way it promotes itself and conducts its business. We are a far more professional outfit now. We have the feel of market leaders about us now instead of a mid-range business.

The Kaizen approach is paying dividends on a significant scale.



  1. Managers are rarely given the time to develop teams so I understand the need to 'buy'. Pochettino is being given fat too much credit, he hasn't developed the team, much of what he has was either already there or he bought it in mostly so quite why he would be a model for young English managers on that front is beyond me. Hopefully his loyalty (most managers or players would balls up their career at the mwre sniff of going ro manure so he gets a lot of time from me for rebuffing their advances) may be something that rubs off on a few people in the sport though.

  2. Enter your comment...totally impressed with poch,my only concern for the future is i believe he should after the gillingham game play the younger players to rest our key players e.g dembele for the champions league. My worry is the training methods he uses and the number of gamers played by the first twelve could be beginning to catch up with our players.otherwise wish the lads all the best when they play middlesborough on saturday

  3. Considering how he has developed Kyle Walker alone is enough credit as a "coach" for me. Remember it was not too long ago that Walker was a complete defensive liability. While many of the pieces may have been already here, credit to the man for upping their development.



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