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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Tottenham Fans should show more faith


"Spurs have made a steady start, they are an outstanding team." Mark Hughes on -

You understand an opposition manager talking up another team, he wants the pressure off his side. Some like to be seen as the favourites, some the underdog. Despite that though Mark Hughes calling us an 'outstanding team' is a measure of where we are in the eyes of th rest of the Premier League.

I often think that the opposition rate our side higher than some of our own fans do. We challenged for a title last season and our own fans start making excuses for other sides, Manchester United spent £150-million last summer, there are no excuses, we are better than some fans give us credit for.

Fox Sports suggest Tottenham have the best manager in the Premier League. Click the link and have a read.

Following the news that Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi - Star Trek) has a Tottenham tattoo on her left shoulder blade, we then had the sight of Michel Vorm, Ledley King and Dele Alli welcoming American actor and producer Mark Wahlberg to White Hart Lane this week.


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  1. Marina Sirtis even uses a picture of White Hart Lane ad her Twitter home page picture!



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