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Saturday, 17 September 2016

The incredible Cammy Bell world record

I thought this feat well worth bringing to your attention. Scottish Championship side Dundee United conceded 3 penalties in just 23 minutes during the first-half against Dunfermline and all three, a world record, were saved by goalkeeper 29-year-old (30 tomorrow) Cameron 'Cammy' Bell.

despite being a world record Guiness decided not to ratify it as it was not in top tier football, a poor decision given this is professional football recorded on TV, not park football.

He conceded the second penalty himself to which the crowd let the referee know their thoughts so there is language that may offend the sensitive, apologies if it does.

A nice early birthday present, but for him Dundee would have lost so a wager on Dunfermline might not be a bad bet in Scotland today.


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