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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The 1960/61 shirt

We have had a few kits down the years, the best being pre shirt advertising. We certainly don't want to see the red shirt again and I'm sure we never will. The  Newcastle United stripes is not really Spurs and the hoops (9th on top line) stands out, but again isn't us.

Some of the yellow kits have been OK, for me though the 1960/6 white shirt is Tottenham Hotspur. The year we did the 'impossible' double, the first team of the century to do so, Aston Villa in 1896/97 being the last.

Just like the 4-minute mile, when someone had shown it was possible other teams were then able to achieve it as the mental barrier had been broken. Teams have been following in our footsteps ever since.

It is just the same with European football. Spurs became the first British tam to win a major European trophy, the European Cup Winners Cup in 1963. Again once we had broken that mental barrier for everyone, others followed and then in 1972 we became the first British side to win two different major European trophies.

We are of course the only team to have won the FA Cup as a non-league side in 1901 and have won at least one trophy in each of the last six decades, a feat only matched by Manchester United, if we can win a trophy in the remainder of this decade that will make it seven on the trot. Fingers crossed under Mauricio Pochettino that is going to happen.

It's the 1960/61 shirt for me, do you have a favourite?



  1. It would help if we could see the image clearly.

  2. I second that -
    It looks like a great pic.

  3. Have you got a direct link for that kit pic,i think it would look good on my desktop...COYS.

  4. 99 yellow adidas Holsten with navy sleeves

  5. For me hands down 1980/81! Glory days! COYS!



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