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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Spurs target Meyer may leave in January


Several clubs are tracking the situation of Schalke 04 attacking midfielder Max Meyer. Both Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool were linked with him during the summer and both are continuing to hold a watching brief over, not just his performances, but his contract situation.

There is cause for concern because he has two-years left on his contract meaning next summer he would be entering the final year of his contract, which reduces his market value. If Schalke can't convince the 20-year-old (21 on Sunday) to sign a contract extension then they may be forced to let him leave in January to secure a decent fee.

There are suggestion that the Bundesliga side may make him available for £29.53-million (€35m - AUS$52.20m - US$39.28m). Purchasing clubs will value him lower so you would expect several million to come off that figure if a deal were reached as six months later he wouldn't be worth anywhere near that.

In 2015 Meyer alerted Premier League clubs by stating his desire to play in the Premier League. This summer when no deal came he then suggested he was happy at Schalke. He probably is, these things are all just PR for the fans and don't really mean a lot. Simply because a player is happy doesn't mean he isn't interested in a move to a bigger club or a foreign league.

Schalke begin their UEFA Europa League campaign on Thursday so Tottenham, Liverpool and Leicester will no doubt make an individual highlights video of his performance to analyse, if we don't send a scout along.


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