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Monday, 12 September 2016

Spurs improving off the field

We had all the media stories of pay demands with Christian Eriksen before he signed a new contract and the same thing looks to be happening with Erik Lamela. The Mirror seem to be the newspapers making claims about the demands of Lamela that are almost certainly pure guesswork and inaccurate at that.

He will be offered a new contract in line with that of Christian Eriksen you would have thought. Hugo Lloris is our top earner and presumably, that will remain the same after this round of contract negotiations are complete.

Kyle Walker has just penned a new deal until 2021 and he looks to be back to his best under Pochettino. Spurs like to have their players all on contracts with four years to run so transfer values are maximised deterring clubs from attempting to sign our players. It is why we now see far more contracts being negotiated than we did before.

It is just another area where the running of the club has improved. The club is run as if we are a successful club, which is the way it should be. We seem to have at last grasped that what happens off the pitch affects what happens on it, it is no longer just about playing football on a Saturday afternoon. Put everything else in place in these pampered times and players can be left to concentrate on the game.


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