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Monday, 12 September 2016

Spurs away fans

You all know I am always in praise of our away fans for the way they get behind the team when we are winning and when we are behind. They are outnumbered but sing away and are frequently heard, showing just how quiet some home grounds are.

Vocal support give players something to react to, they are not along on their battle and Mauricio Pochettino has encouraged them to form an even greater bond with the fans than they had before. Gone are the days of a wave from the distance, now players come to celebrate with the fans and to thank them for making the journey and signing away.

You get to the the fans view of the move develop for the Dele Alli goal and experience that atmosphere in the Spurs end. It is for the atmosphere as much as the football that fans attend. Football is a game to engage with, to be a part of rather than to just sit back and enjoy. That does involve being in the right areas as singing away on your own isn't quite the same thing.

Apologies if you are offended by any obscenities you may hear, but this is real life, not some sterile TV programme.


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