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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Sissoko fee may not be £30m after all


Clubs have come up with deals to sign players this window, Real Betis bought a percentage of striker Antoniio Sanabria plus giving Roma 50% of any sell-on profit and Tottenham got in on the act late in the transfer window.

The deal agree with Newcastle is £6-million per season he stays at Tottenham for a maximum of 5 years, thus he will only cost £30-million, if he stays for the full 5 years and performs to the standard we expect. If we ship him out, then the fee reduces although their will be a set minimum figure that has to be reached in any case.

Sounds like a sensible piece of business.

Until we know ho long he stays we won't actually know what the real transfer fee is, not that it matters anyway, accounts are calculated differently.

I see plenty of articles suggested he has treated Everton badly and I see Willian once again. Everton sent a private jet to pick him up but he didn't get on it. They will have know if Tottenham agreed a fee with Newcastle that they hadn't a chance of signing him so his arrival here couldn't have been a shock to them.

I did like the way the media were portraying Everton as having pulled out of a deal, when in fact the player had decided to join another club so there was no deal. Still journalists have to dramatise everything and turn everything into something it isn't.


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