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Friday, 2 September 2016

Performance Check Video: Dele Alli vs Liverpool


Performance Check

The individual performances of Dele Alli can be reviewed in this video affording the you to stop and start the video looking at the various options a player has, rather than just what he does with the ball.

It gives a chance to appreciate the other players around him and whether they are on top f their game, moving in an effort to provide him with passing options and indeed his own movement to give others passing options.

Video's like this can be invaluable for seeing what a player actually did as opposed to the perception of what he did and it helps to show if a player is creating chances or merely moving a ball on. I have banged on about it enough, end product is what matters and Pochettino seems to hold the same view with his recent comments about the skill shown by Erik Lamela to nutmeg Andros Townsend, who you will not didn't immediately turn round and chase his man!

It isn't always what you do on the ball, what you do off the ball is important and Townsend clearly doesn't do enough, which is purely down to the mentality we coaches look for.


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