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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

No excuses, now is his time to shine


I talk about a winning a mentality and not making excuses often for a reason, it is the key to success on a football field. As a coach, without those qualities you can only have limited success. Any player of equal ability, but a better mental attitude will outperform a merely talented player, indeed a lesser player will outperform him.

Mauricio Pochettino unsurprisingly takes the same approach, he doesn't make excuses in his press conferences, he simply tells the press we were not good enough in certain areas and we have to take those lessons and improve the side.

He is taking the same approach with Vincent Janssen. He still has to adapt his game to suit us but that is down to the player working hard on the training pitch and wanting to knit his style into the team. Now he has the chance to do just that, including internationals he has 14 games in the next 54 days, a punishing schedule.

"It wasn't a good game for Holland, but it's true in this moment we realised he was a good signing for us. It confirmed it. [He] ticked all of the boxes that we needed. 
"Janssen has already shown the supporters he has a big passion to play, they have been excited to see him on the pitch and the energy he brings. 
"This is a big opportunity for him to show what he can do and he has to be ready now that Harry is injured, and the damage is done. There is scope for him to play more from the start. 
"He's athletic, he's very competitive, his mentality is very good. He's a very nice guy but he's very strong, he likes to work very hard. It's very good. 
"He's a fighter, his mentality is fantastic, he fits very well with us in the team. Only he needs time to adapt his game to the team. Now I think that he will have a big opportunity to show his real quality."

Shayon Harrison would have been in the squad tonight had he not been injured which leaves Janssen carrying the strikers flag at White Hart Lane on his own. No excuses, he simply has to step up to the plate now and conquer the nerves he is showing in front of goal. The best thing that can happen is that he bags a quick hat-trick tonight, but just one will do to get him off and running.


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