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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Levy and Pochettino Marching

Levy and Pochettino Marching

“I am very happy with my players and I think it is very difficult to find players better than we have. 
"When you spend a lot of money, it’s because you are worried about your squad...I’m very happy with my players."

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious. Now some of you out there think that is clap-trap, but then these are the people who are working to make someone else rich, people who have to ask permission for a day off, they are not the people who run their own lives doing what they want when they want.

Mauricio Pochettino is not one of those though, he is surrounding himself with players who have those same beliefs. The negative people are moved to train with others or are encouraged to leave the cluyb in search of better opportunities or forced out if tougher tactics are needed.

Manchester United spent £150-million last summer with a top level manager and all they got was the UEFA Europa League. Proof if ever it were needed that spending doesn't guarantee success. It is a fallacy to say because we haven't spent at certain times, even though the right players may not have been available or wanted to come to Spurs, we have missed opportunities. History can't be written like that, we possibly, only possibly might have done better, we possibly might have done worse.

Pochettino has brushed out the old, with the old way of thinking and the old mental barriers and invested in young hungry players not tarnished with continually missing out on a top four place. Success, consistent success doesn't come overnight, the foundations have to be built and then you improve on what you have, continually then looking to upgrade the group as a whole and each individual position.

We must all remember we are still in the building stage, the side, the club, isn't the finished article. The business side of Spurs is building a new stadium to increase our attraction to sponsors and increase our income. For those of you not interested in business, well without it you wouldn't be having a new stadium built.

We are growing off the pitch, we are growing on the pitch. Both parts have to work if we are to stay a top four club amid strong competition. Fortunately we have the best chairman we have had in 40 years and one of the best young managers in the Premier League. Together they are marching this club forward.

Big things come from small beginnings.


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