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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Lamela and Vertonghen expected to sign

Lamela and Vertonghen Contracts Next on the Agenda

Lamela and Vertonghen expected to sign

With Dane Christian Eriksen seemingly about to sign a new contract, attention turns to Erik Lamela and Jan Vertonghen.

Erik Lamela is on £70,000-a-week and Jan Vertonghen on £40,000-a-week because if you remember 2 years ago he turned down signing a new contract although stated he was happy at the club. It seemed to stem from being told he'd be made captain and then along came Mauricio Pochettino and it was removed from thr contract offered. he hasn't signed a contract since so has remained on the same wages. It is though he is happy to sign a new deal after being made a vice-captain last season.

It is expected that Erik Lamela will sign a new contract after finding his feet an dTottenham and turning his game around. He is now and of the creative players in the team, which we need when Eriksen has one of his anonymous games. If memory serves he has scored a goal or created one in 7 of our last 10 games.


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