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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Kane, Vertonghem, Eriksen out of the depth!

We all make mistakes but the Transfer Tavern have plummeted to new depths, if that were possible, by suggesting in a recent article that Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Jan Vertonghem were 'out of their depth' in the Premier League.

The author obviously knows nothing about football, the Golden Boot winner out of his depth!

Did they notice he scored at the weekend, did they notice the Man of the Match display from Christian Eriksen with two assists and do they not know Jan Vertonghen has made more blocks, interceptions and clearances than all but 2 other players this year.

I'm lost for words, it's mind numbingly stupid.

george fulford
about 19 hours ago
I think this article was either written by an Arsenal or Man U fan, as it is obvious they know nothing about football, thank god the Spurs fans have a brain!
about 20 hours ago
This is probably the most absurd post I've ever read. Absolute rubbish.


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