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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Kane rest not such a bad thing

If we are to look for silver linings in the Kane injury, and initial speculation is he will be out for 2 months, is that he will now get the rest he has looked in need of.

He has been playing football non-stop for two years without a proper summer break. He'll now get to recharge his batteries.

Vincent Janssen will now have to step up to the plate and although he wouldn't have wished an injury on Kane, he knew that would be a possibility when he was adamant he wanted to join us. His game time will have to be carefully managed over the next two months. He'll need resting and that will mean substitutions at appropriate times.

We have a League Cup game tomorrow, but he will be needed at the weekend, in the UEFA Champions League and the following Premier League game. Do we therefore risk him tomorrow or do we feel he desperately needs a goal to settle him down?

The pressure is certainly on him now, now we see what we have really got. Thus far all has looked good until he comes to shoot, when he has fluffed his lines on every occasion. The same happened to Roberto Soldado. Janssen though gets an opportunity to be the main striker for an extended period. He'll know he is going to be playing and that may help settle him.

Confidence is a funny thing, it can eat away at you, as it did for Soldado or it can come and go. Pochettino will be hoping he can bag his first and then prove to be the striker we think we have bought.


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