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Monday, 19 September 2016

Good news: Levy at Spurs for the long term

Good news for Spurs fans, Daniel Levy has revealed that he wants to be the Spurs chairman for the long-term.

In the 16 years he has been at the club he has built it from a broke mid-table club and built it so it has risen significantly above all but five of our opposition and he is soon to be making advances towards them with the new stadium being built to add around £90-million additional revenue a year to our total income.

That figure that would put us within touching distance of LIverpool who have seen the threat and responded with a new stadium and a decent new manager in Jurgen Klopp.

"I've been chairman of the club for nearly 16 years, and we have maybe 30,000 small shareholders -- we used to be a public company -- and my response to that question is always the same: We have a duty when we've got 30,000 shareholders to consider any proposals that anyone wants to make the club. There's a board of transfer.

"But I've been here 16 years, and I'd very much hope to be here very much for the long term."

We have had to play catch up with our rivals but we are getting there and the days of it being a more level playing field for us where we can afford comparable wages are drawing closer.



  1. How is this good news?? Bloody disastrous! Basically means We will NEVER EVER see Spurs win the league or do anything. Feel sick

  2. It's only bad news because now we have to put up with Harry Hotspurs for the long term.

  3. You're right. That's all he and his cronies moan about in practically every blog.

  4. Levy gave us a manager and a young team to fight for the title and a new stadium to be proud on the way. Some of you so called spurs fans have no idea how well we are doing competing with other clubs who spend hundreds of millions hoping to get in to the champions league. In levy we trust, great news even if some idiots don't get it.

    1. How many managers did he have to go through to get Poch? How many failed signings have we seen? How long have we had to wait for the stadium? How many times has Levy not capitalised when there was an opportunity glaring him in the face?
      And you want Spurs fans to be thankful for this?
      YOU are the so called Spurs fan, YOU are the one happy with mediocrity and tiny, slow steps up while the rest of the league flies forwards and you think that other people are bad fans?
      No one is above criticism especially Levy, try to remember that.
      People like you would still brown nose Levy if we were a league lower down with a big stadium that no one went to because we were relegated.
      People like you are a part of the problem!



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