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Thursday, 29 September 2016

German press savage Bentaleb again

German press savage Bentaleb again

The Schalke managing director Christian Heidel says that Nabil Bentaleb and Benjamin Stambouli both have a touch of arrogance after they were initially praised by him.

National German newspaper Bild suggest the pair have a mentality misery because they keep losing in ball in dangerous situations. In another article they name the pair as part of the Schalke Slackers, players who are to use the club as a stepping stone to another and that Bentaleb is too arrogant in his play.

In yet another article it is suggested he isn't putting the effort in with Schalke having lost all 5 of their opening games and sitting bottom of the Bundesliga table.

Bild then suggest the players have been given a 30 minutes lesson on the values of the club and again refer to Heidel's comments that some players demonstrate poor mentality and a lack of character.

In their latest article they suggest Stambouli and Bentaleb are fair weather players, fine when things are going right but hopeless in a crisis. They suggest they drag players down instead of lifting them up.

Why is Bentaleb getting all this criticism? Because he was bought to be their midfield general and now they are finding out that he isn't at the level he was hyped up to be at.



  1. Should of asked any Spurs supporter they could of told them that!

    1. Not any mate . I've had countless arguments with spurs fans who actually had visions of him being captain at spurs .

  2. Should of asked any Spurs supporter they could of told them that!



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