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Friday, 23 September 2016

Eriksen pleased - Off the mark after 2.5 games

Christian Eriksen was made captain on Wednesday for the League Cup tie with Gillingham and stepped up to the plate with goals and together with Erik Lamela ran the attacking show. With Kane injured and Janssen without a goal the game could have been a banana skin.

With Janssen though, it should be remembered that 5 Premier League games and 1 UEFA Champions League game may sound a long time without a goal, it has only been 225 minutes of playing time, the equivilent of two and a half games.

Captain Eriksen was happy to let Janssen take the spot kick that came our way.
“I saw the look on Vincent’s face and his body language that he really wanted the penalty, and there is no better chance for a striker to score an easy goal so I was happy for him to take it. 
“He did say thank you afterwards! He had a few shots in the first-half and you can sometimes feel for a striker. It was more important for him to score than me. 
“He has already shown that [can cover for Kane] before. 
“Of course it will be difficult to step in for Harry, but if he does what he is good at and does what he did today there will be some good games for him. 
“We can cover it [Champions League]. Of course we are one player out but everyone else can step up because we have a very strong squad. 
“When Harry is not here we miss some goals but they will come from someone else.”


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