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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Dier highlights Carroll mistake

Dier highlights Carroll mistake

Eric Dier transferred from Portuguese side Sporting for just 5m euros on 2 August 2014. The 22-year-old (23 next January) has developed into a consistent player winning praise for his performances for both Tottenham Hotspur and England.

Leonardo Jardim was coach at Sporting from 30 May 2013 until 10 June 2014. His record was 37 games, 25 victories, 8 draws and 4 defeats. His side scored 77 goals and let in 28. Under Jardim, Dier played 13 games in the league and 3 cup games. In all but one game he played him as a centre-back, the other game as a defensive midfielder.

Jardim was asked about Dier at his pre-game press conference and reminded the assembled reporters he knew him at Sporting.

"I knew him at Sporting -- he's a tremendous athlete, a real top class player and he spent the developmental part of his career at Sporting. I always knew he was going to have a good career but I hope he's not at his best tomorrow evening. 
"He evolved his style of play when he was with me. He played two different positions: holding midfield and centre-back. It's no surprise to me that he's showing later in his career that he can play in two different positions and be as good in either. 
"I think it's always very important -- whether it's English lads going abroad, or French or Portuguese young players -- to get experience in foreign leagues. It's really positives. It teaches them to cope with adversity and gives them different experience. 
"When they go back, they benefit in their own leagues. It's important for their benefit and growth as they become older."

This is exactly the reason why Tom Carroll should have accepted Ajax over of a loan when Christian Eriksen came to Spurs, he would have developed his game but it has merely stagnated since and all he gets now is scraps. He'll play with the kids in the League Cup tie against Gillingham next week. So far he hasn't figured.

It isn't simply talent that separates players, Carroll has excellent technique, but an individual's character as well. Carroll is a nice guy but lacks the mental cutting edge. Pochettino said in his pre-game press conference that in his view you should improve everyday. That is part of having a winning mentality, part of having mental strength. How exactly has Tom Carroll improved over the last couple of years?

You still get the same Tom Carroll, happy to be a third choice. He simply lacks the mental strength to be a top player, unlike Eric Dier.


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