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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Daft Vincent Jansen article

I see some forum writer at Football Fancast has had an article posted suggesting reasons why Vincent Janssen is the wrong purchase for Tottenham. Reason one is he comes from Holland and player from there are hit or miss. What sort of reason is that? The same applies to every league in the world!

I have to say very few article from Football Fancast are very bright. The place seems to be inhabited by clowns who don't seem to know much about the game. I'm rather glad I turned them down.

Reason number two is he fits in the Spurs system, yep, he has all the attributes we are looking for but apparently he can't run in behind a defence, which he consistently did in Holland of course. I think the author needs to take a coaching course to understand the game a little better. It seems he is fixated on scoring one type of goal. His performances haven't led us to question whether he is right for us at all, they may have led the author to question, but hardly anyone else. Somehow he manages to suggest Janssen doesn't fit our system, even though he clearly does and that that was used as part of the criteria for buying him.

His third reason is he hasn't scored goals in the top flight, despite scoring at international level and scoring against England, as well as creating another goal with his passing. Former Dutch international Willem van Hanegem has called Janssen the best player in the Dutch team.

I'm afraid the author sound very much like a cheque book fan unable to see beyond a designer label name. One day there might actually be a decent article from Football Fancast, but I won't hold my breath. Are any of them actually Spurs fans?



  1. Why do you upset yourself reading the crap written in such forums? You're only making them money!!

  2. He is beginning to look like Soldado MKII

  3. For your sake avoid squawka too -joke of a site and the same can be said for football insider



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