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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Another ex player says drop Rooney

Another ex player says drop Rooney

Knowledgeable fans have been saying it for years, former England striker Chris Sutton has said it after the World Cup escape against Slovenia, now goalkeeping legend Pter Shilton admits it to. Wayne Rooney doesn't deserve his place in the England team.

He should not be captain, he should not haveb a free hand to intefere in areas of the pitch where he isn't needed, like collecting balls off the centre-back. He is supposed to be a gosl threat, yet didn't touch the ball once in the opposition box.

He wants to be on the ball all the times, but we have other players who can pass the ball around, just because you are involved and moving the ball doesn't mean you are making a positive contributioin to the team, there are other players who can do that. Dier and Henderson are quite capable ofpicking the ball up off the centre=-back and playing a pass, why do we need Wayne Rooney doing it?

Peter Shilton says Rooney should have quit international football after the European Championships in France this summer, instead we are saddled with him until after the next World Cup.

“There are always alternatives in a team to be a captain. 
“You need a figurehead who is going to lead. As captain you need someone who is going to come out of the pack at certain times and get things going. 
“I didn’t see that with Wayne against Iceland and I just think if he couldn’t do it in that situation is he going to do it in the next two years?”

Sam Allardyce has had one game and made the mistake of not being bold enough to drop Rooney. What is his role? It ism't as a creeator, he isn't near there box enough and has never consistently shown he creates anything at international football. What does Wayne Rooney do that Ross Barkley doesn't do?

When was the last time Wayne Rooney changed an important game? We had the easiest qualifying group ever for the European Championships and an easy one for the World Cup.

I'm happy to change my opinion if someone can explainwhat Wayne Rooney is actually contributing to England because all we have had so far is PR bullshit from Allardyce.

"He hasn’t performed at major ­tournaments but he has been a terrific player. 
“His position is striker, always has been, always will be – right from when he was a kid, all the way through until his peak. 
"I don’t think he set the Euros alight."

Apart from Manchester United fans there is hardly any support for him in the country, he is simply a name who doesn't perform and stops others performing at international level. 

Chris Sutton is right, Peter Shilton is right.


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