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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Alli and Kane overrated - nuts

Alli and Kane overrated

The Transfer Tavern is I'm afraid as bad as Football Fancast and they have come up with a article that says three players are overrated, the first being Dele Alli!

Clueless springs to mind. Whoever wrote this knows little about football clearly, they'll be telling us Wayne Rooney is a brilliant performer for England next, instead of tyhe noose around our neck at every major tournament.

Second, and to prove this is just an article for advertisers the next overrated player is Golden Boot winner Harry Kane. How is this for logic:

"I doubted him and he proved me wrong by a mile, bagging a staggering 28 goals last year!"
Followed a two line paragraph later by:

"This season will really prove the doubters (like me) wrong if he is successful."
Well make your mind up, you have just said you have been proven wrong by a mile and then come out with the same argument. Talk about prejudice driving opinion, this is exactly how the mentality of the anti-Levy smattering operates.

The third player hasn't even played for us yet so the writer has absolutely no idea how he'll perform under Mauricio Pochettino. There are a couple of points here, yes we have paid a hefty fee, more than he is worth, but, what he has done for Newcastle is irreverent. 

The cluture at Newcastle is not a professional one, there was a booze and birds culture there according to fans. A player can react in two ways to that, he can work his socks off and see others waste all his work or he can go through the motions until he can get out of there.

Sissoko has to be judged on what he does on the field for us, not by his price tag. Clearly the writer is no Spurs fan, at least not a decent one.


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