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Saturday, 24 September 2016

A homegrown Spurs XI is not impossible

Press conferences tend to blend into one with the same people asking similar questions of the same managers each week, all looking foir an angle to write a story.

We do seem to get different topics with Pochettino though. Obviously, he gets the Harry Kane question every time, whether he is fit or injured doesn't seem to make any difference. That tell you about his standing in the national game, he is news.

This week, because of the success of the youngsters who hardly gave Gillingham a touch of the ball in midweek, which was a far better performance than some care to admit, he answered questions about them. He was asked if he could field a homegrown XI?

"It's difficult, but it happens. Why not? Barcelona nearly had a whole squad with players that came through the academy. 
"It's not easy though, but this would be a dream for every club. 
"It's true that football is a different business and it's important how we handle our academy and the players we come through and how we handle the first team. It's our plan to sign players and that is a very hard job."

He was then asked if some of the youngsters who played against Gillingham could force their way into the first-team on a regular basis this season.

"With time yes, they are very young. Every time that we have the opportunity to give the option to play, it's a good chance to show their quality, but always we need to give time and be careful in the way we give the option to develop their quality. 
"It's important to care and try to help them and be sure that the quality they showed on Wednesday and in pre-season shows we have a very talented academy."


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