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Thursday, 1 September 2016

A good transfer window


It was a very good window, shame we couldn't pull off Isco having agreed terms with him and a deal with Real Madrid. Isco didn't really want to leave which given their two year transfer ban makes sense. If you don't try for these players you'll never sign them and you have to do all you can to get them before you finalise any other deal.

We had already agreed terms with Sissoko, who wanted to come to us as we could offer the possibility of UEFA Champions League football, Everton couldn't. We have had to pay over the odds for him but Pochettino wanted him if we couldn't get Isco and Schneiderlin wasn't available so here he is.

Still some complain Daniel Levy isn't backing his manager, five signings disagree with that. There was no pressure forIsco to move earlier in the window and we were hoping Real Madrid would want to force a player out, alas not to be. Still Sissoko is an upgrade on Ryan Mason and he'll now act as backup for Dembele. Dier, De,bele, Wanyama, Sissoko isn't a weak defensive midfield by any means and there is attacking ability in Sissoko that might force  Dembele to become a better player in front of goal.

Son was never being sold without a replacement, just as Pau Lopez wasn't going to arrive until Espanyol had someone signed up. Wanyama and Janssen early, Sissoko late. Our weak spot is perhaps in the wide attacking areas where we have Lamela, Eriksen and Son. Players are going to have to step up to the plate, Son may get more game time and N'Koudou will have to hit the ground running otherwise an injury may mean Dele Alli being moved wide.

That though is the beauty of the squad Pochettino is building, players are interchangeable and we are not blocking the path of youngsters coming through. It should be remembered we have a young team and the players we have will improve, that's the whole idea of playing them. Improving what we have isn't something most clubs can do, they don't have the numbers of youngsters playing that we do. They have to spend to do what we can do for free.

All in all it's a good window. In the next one we'll look at an attacking central midfielder again, if we can find the right one available at the right price and a wide attacker, unless someone like Josh Onomah suddenly starts taking his chance.



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