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Saturday, 24 September 2016

1 goal in 3.3 games, what's the problem

1 goal in 3.3 games

Is Vincent Janssen the new Roberto Soldado, that is what American based website Fansided is asking/telling its readers.

He suggests multiple chances have been handed on a platter to him, but in fairness only a couple have been on a platter, the rest aren't real clear cut opportunities. They are where he creates space for a shot, they are a whole series of half chances, which yes you would expect some to go into the net and they will.

What everyone seems to forget is that before the Gillingham game he had played the equivalent of just two and a half games. Everyone knocking him hasn't bothered to look at the minutes he has played. It is harder for a substitute to come on and start scoring than it is for a starter so when you are a substitute and a new signing it is even worse.

The website does end it's piece on a positive note, noting it took a while for him to start scoring in Holland but when he did he went on a scoring spree and that the talent is clearly there.

Personally I don't think two and a half games without scoring is much of an issue. He is off the mark now, hopefully we will see him get off the mark from open play against Midlesbrough, but I'd be happy if we win and he scores from the spot again.

He has now scored one goal in 3.3 games, is that so bad?


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