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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Yarmelenko really? He has a spinal injury!


Then we have The Sun wanting to convince us that Dynamo Kiev star Andriy Yarmolenko is now the wide man Pochettino is after, even though the deal for Georges-Kevin N'Koudou is apparently agreed upon. The 26-year-old (27 in October) doesn't fit our transfer strategy and such a move would be a surprise. YouTube fans have convinced themselves he is mustard and yet no big club has come in to buy him. Playing in a second or third tier league is not the same as playing top tier football.

A player has to be carefully assessed to see whether he has the capacity to grow and improve his game to take that step up. Yarmolenko  might be able to do that, but then he'll be too old for our young mans pressing game. At £18-million he only has a couple of years left before he decreases in value, which whether fans like it or not, is a factor in transfers, so I don't see this one ever happening.

At the moment he is injured, he has a spinal problem and isn't in the Dynamo Kiev match day squads. he has problems with the lumbosacral region of the spine, his spine has basically locked up. The Yarmeleno injury reported on the Dynamo Kiev official website.

We are actively perusing a guy who will be 27 shortly, with a spinal injury for £18-million. Pull the other one.



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  1. Do you expect anything else from that rag of a paper?



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