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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Would you have the gall to call N'Koudou a 'marquee' signing


Football Insider tell us a 'marquee signing' is on the brink of collapse and then only report on the Georges-Kevin N'Koudou deal. Hands up how many of you consider N'Koudou a marquee signing?

No hands, no I thought not. We are constantly told these articles are from someone who used to work in the newspaper industry, which isn't something to boast about considering how dishonest the press are.

When you write a player most people have never heard of is a marquee signing you loose all credibility, making mistakes is one thing, we all do that, I do that. I don't mind a creative headline, but perhaps someone can explain how N'Koudou can be considered a marquee signing?

Gareth bale is a marquee signing, Paul Pogba is a marquee signing, players with a high standing in the game, a kid nobody has heard of might be a marquee signing for a league two club, not a Premier League club and especially not one that finishes third.

Unfortunately, this is how our dishonest press operate. They blatantly lie to us, blatantly invent transfer stories, they Blatantly invent non-existent links between clubs so they can peddle us crap stories that any reasonable fan who knows anything about the transfer policy of their club know to be complete codswallop.

Why can't the press operate as decent human beings instead of devious ones?


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