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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Video: Sky innovation needs tweaking


I thought Phil Thompson was going to fall asleep when giving his Match Verdict, a new offering from Sky Sports it seems. I tend to miss these things watching the games and switching off after. A check of the scores, a check of the league table, a check of scores in the UK and Europe, a check of the horse racing results and move on.

Far better to have one's own opinions that take on those of the media, especially when all they are really telling us it what we can see for ourselves. If Sky want to persist with this new innovation then it needs to come with edits of the game so the viewer can see what he is talking about, otherwise it is all pretty meaningless.

I'm all for bringing us something different, but that doesn't mean it then can't be improved upon with tweaking. If Thompson looked as if he was enjoying it, it might help. Enjoyment is infectious so it is an emotion he should be conveying.




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