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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Video: Post Match Analysis


It was a game that the stats said was very even with both sides having 50% of the possession and managing to score one goal each with it.

Liverpool had to rely on a penalty, which as it was given meant Spurs should have have a penalty when Liverpool centre-back Joel Matip didn't just block Janssen, as he is entitled to do, he put both arms around him to hold him back.

Janssen was prevented from getting to the ball illegally and had it occurred anywhere else on the pitch the referee would no doubt have awarded a free kick.

That, as the biased Alan Smith said in commentary was a foul and thus should have been a penalty, which would have given us the chance to go 1-0 up and not have to chase the game. decisions like this change game. Spurs could have been in front, confidence growing and we would not have had to chase the game and take risks, which would have restricted Liverpool to less chances.

The whole complexion of the game would have been different. That was my initial observation anyway, there is no knowing if the outcome would have been different though.

The Sky team gave their version of the events through the eyes of two former Liverpool stalwarts, Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness.


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