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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Video: Lamela gave Townsend a lesson and a nutmeg


I talked before and during the game about the difference between Erik Lamela and Andros Townsend and how Lamela was showing Townsend what he should have been doing at Tottenham instead of complaining. The mental attitude is key, at the moment Townsend is looking an ordinary player.

If he wants to move up a level he has to work on his mentality, he has shown, even while sitting on a substitutes bench, th mentality of someone who is not a winner, someone who will only try when he feels like it and doesn't see the day to day stuff as important.

Those who remember will recall me writing an article on how a substitute should not only be watching his team, but should be studying his potential opponent, or opponents. He should know what he is going to do in given situations, he will have been briefed before hand and shown videos of course, but he is a chance to bring yourself mentally up to speed with the game and your opponent on the day.

You should be coming onto the field totally prepared having done your homework on the bench, not sat watching the game as a spectator. Townsend used to warm up with more interest in what was going on in the crowd than the game. Then when he did come on he had to start to mentally adjust to the game so rarely made any sort of impact or positive contribution. That is solely a mental issue.

Erik Lamela was tackling back yesterday and was superb in defence, quite apart from his attacking skills, Townsend went to sleep and let Danny Rose run round him for a chance in the first-half, Rose unfortunately didn't shoot.

Spurs fans then delighted in and complained about Match of th Day not showing the Argentinian's nutmeg of the former Spurs winger. The crowd loved it and if you replay it, watch the players reaction in the background. It's Danny Rose and upon seeing it he puts his hands on his head in looking in awe at the spectacle.


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