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Monday, 15 August 2016

Video: Hugo Lloris vs Everton


It is easy to rely on memory when a player has a good or bad game, but individual player videos versus opponents allow us to check and confirm o alter our views. It allows the chance to look at movement off the ball and the various options a player may have, it allows the chance to see whether the pass into him was good enough.

We have already seen the performances of new striker Vincent Janssen, who impressed and Dele Alli, who wasn't up to speed. He was a little rusty as he put it after the Inter Milan pre-season friendly. Throughout this season I'll be bringing you highlight videos from our games so you can examine players performance and how his teammates are helping him, or if they are.

Now it's the turn of our captain, French international goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. he moved late for the goal expecting a flick but if you watch the Everton player he has his back to goal so the only thing he could really have done is flick the ball to where it went. Perhaps Lloris should have anticipated that a touch earlier than he did and perhaps he would have got across to palm the ball away as usually happen in these situations.


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