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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Unique experience for NFL games

The difference in height between the football pitch and the NFL pitch will be 5'6" (1,685m)
Image and mining of information from the construction experts and enthusiasts at Skyscraper City.

I understand from them that the front row will be about 10' (3.048m) above the NFL pitch so the view isn't obscured with the number of people on the sidelines.

I don't know whether you have watched an American Football game but where we have a dugout they sit on the outskirts of the pitch and have around 50 to a team, including staff, then there is the TV crews etc so plenty of sideline activity.

I would assume that the experience inside the new White Hart Lane will b different from American grounds where the crowd appear to be a long way from the pitch. and of course the view form the Sky Lounge will be unique.

You can see the stadium in relation to the sliding pitch, that splits into three before it slides under the stand.


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