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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Tweets speak for themselves

Tweets can tell their own story, legend Ledley is just like any other football fan wanting the real stuff to start after we had to endure Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson and his trusted ancient coaching manual with a few pages missing and coffee stains obscuring vital notes. He reminds me of Michael Portillo doing his railway journeys with a 100-year-old guide book.

back to the modern game and the players are having to enjoy, endure the training sessions Pochettino and his coaching staff put them through. Another former player  is remembered and our goalscorers have both got off the mark for the season. Looking rosy.

Can't wait for the new season to start, this must be the most anticipated prem season ever

Doble turno de entrenamiento hoy! ⚽⚽💪🏻 Double training session today! ⚽⚽💪🏻

Thanks for the memories, it was an awesome day!

Good to be back out on the pitch! Always nice to score a couple as well! Thank you Norway 👍⚽️


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