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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Transfer Myths Busted


It is time to praise a newspaper and , shock horror it isn't one of the gutter press, but the far grander Guardian newspaper.

We read a lot of nonsense and comment on it so when I came across a Guardian article I thought I'd better share it and take it to an even wider audience. It relates to the transfer market and explains things they claim fans may not know.

Shirt sales alone do not pay for a superstar’s transfer fee - I have never come across anyone who thought this, player costs are far too much for this to happen. Further topic headings include:
  • Fax machine use does not hold up transfer deals
  • Net spend is not as important as fans might think
  • Clubs do not have transfer budget, war chests and kitties - something I have written about several times and probably the biggest myth of all
  • Players are not alone in using agents
  • Image rights are worth more than you think
The article is well worth a read, you'll find it at the link below.


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