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Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Trophy Quest

Lloris - The Trophy Quest

Last season the pundits were talking about Tottenham as title contenders for this season, yet now simply because three teams have name managers and are spending big sums on name players that that automatically mean they have overtaken everyone else, which isn't the case.

Nobody really knows how Manchester City, Manchester united , Chelsea or even Liverpool are going to fare. Klopp may have had some time under his belt for his team to learn his style of play, but he wants to change the players to those he wants and that means another bedding in period.

It is this bedding in period at the start of the season that may well determine the outcome of the season this time around. A fast start is essential to put yourself in a good position and pre-season against Inter Milan Tottenham showed they need fear nobody. We ripped a decent team apart, they finished 4th in Serie A last season.

to a large degree Spurs are perhaps being overlooked, which certainly helps take the pressure off. We know what we are going to get from Mauricio Pochettino's side, the only unknown is how we handle the rotation for UEFA Champions League games and what affect that may have.

Hugo Lloris told the Telegraph there is no reason Tottenham can't win trophies this season because we are improving.

"I feel the improvement since my arrival [in 2012]. I believe in the club, I believe in the manager, I believe in my teammates. We like the philosophy, Today in the Premier League it is very difficult to win trophies, but it is not a reason to stop believing. I am still hungry for that and I will try my best as usual. 
"It's a good thing to recognise how difficult it is to win trophies. It is not only about talent, it's more than that. In football, it is not only about names."
we go into the season as underdogs again, a plucky challenging club, perhaps we are not yet being given enough credit, perhaps some are underestimating our manager and the difference a quality manager makes.


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