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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Spurs supporters vs Man City supporters


Many a time last season I sung the praises of our away supporters and they continued their delightfully noisy trend at Everton on Saturday. Every little helps and these guys and girls do their bit to lift our boys rather than simply sit there waiting to be entertained. They become part of the event as opposed to an observer of it.

Our players appreciate it, they come to celebrate, not just give a wave from far away as they traps off the pitch. They always want to show our supporters are part of our success. We see hoards of them travelling to away games home and away.

By comparison I thought I'd show you the support of another club who seem to rate themselves. I'll let you count their fans for yourself.

City's end at the National Arena in Bucharest.



  1. Opportunistic little cameltoe, City have not long ago been out of European football for 4 DECADES, Spurs on the other hand have been enjoying Europa League for how long, cups ear. It's well documented how UEFA have treated Manchester City fans and the club over the last 4 seasons. Half of the old English establishment have fans world wide so you can count on having a few hundred fans in a lot of other countries, City's growing foreign fan base are a work in progress. I don't blame our fans keeping their wallets shut for the best fixtures too come, rather than go to a dirty poor country like Romania. Jog on.

  2. I count about 25.... Looks like they need to buy some fans to add to the titles they have bought over recent years.



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