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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Spurs nearly break even on Njie transfer


Spurs nearly break even on  Njie transfer

Plenty of forum talk over a transfer fee for Clinton Njie when his move to Marseille is announced. The deal is thought to be a loan deal with a guaranteed purchase clause as soon as he has played a set number of games.

When we sold our young German midfielder Lewis Holtby in the same manner. His set number of games was four, so he was confirmed as leaving in September 2014 even though he didn't officially sign for Hamburg until the new 2015/16 football financial year had started.

Presumably, it will be the same with Njie. He'll have a season long loan, will play his set number of games and then Marseille have no option but to purchase him for £5.9-million (€7m -AUS$10.29m -  US$7.84m) his pre-agreed fee.

The Cameroon international was bought for £8.3-million (€12m -AUS$17.65m -  US$13.44m) which would have included our usual £2-million add-ons. Take that away from the original transfer fee and you are left with a fee of £6.3-million (€7.47m -AUS$10.98m -  US$8.37m).

The loss therefore on him is just £400,000 (€473,941 -AUS$696,484 -  US$530,861) and not the big hit some are suggesting.


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