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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sky Walk Attraction and Naming Rights


The Sky Walk will be quite a spectacular for visitors to London, not quite the Eiffel Tower but an experience that can become a part of the tourist attractions in London. No other stadium tour would have such an experience if it is included in the new tours, but it could be a stand-alone tourist attraction with it;s views.

Incorporate food and drink and you have a stop off point on the tourist trail around London. It could form part of a multi attraction day of organised sightseeing, thus actively generating revenue rather than waiting for passers by to experience it and marketing it as an attraction in it's own right. 

I can certainly image visitors from America who have come over to experience an NFL game having an extended stay an taking in the Sky Walk as well. I can see us selling two day packages that include a game and Sky Walk or day packages that include a Sky Walk experience during the day and a football or NFL game during the evening. 

It is just another way of putting Spurs on the map abroad, allowing our brand to penetrate markets we wouldn't otherwise have much impact on. That helps us in terms of building a fanbase and in securing commercial deals, be they sponsorship or partnership.

the Sky Walk needs to retain the Tottenham Hotspur name, it can't be the Business name (Stadium Naming Rights) Sky Walk as that would detract from the marketing it brings the football cub. The fact that all the literature would have the sponsors name on gives greater marketing reach for them too, albeit to a lesser extent, which should help to make the deal more attractive and thus of greater financial value to us. It is no surprise that we have been seeking a Blue Chip sponsor.

Just as much as this is a football club and we are interested in the football results, the opportunities this new stadium presents us with must be maximised. it should be marketed through, not just the Tourist Board, but in group travel magazines and business travel magazines. It is a group attraction, just as it is an attraction to add to an exhibition visit or business trip.

Visitors will climb the exterior of the building up to 40 metres high, creating a unique experiential visitor attraction with it's views across London. The new White Hart Lane Sky Walk will be the first ever for a football stadium.

It is just another stream of income for the business side of Tottenham Hotspur FC, a business that has to be successful for the club to be successful on the pitch.


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