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Friday, 26 August 2016

Pochettino - More goals, less tekkers

Pochettino - More goals, less tekkers

I don't know why but some people think a piece of skill is better than an end product. When I write that it doesn't matter if a player produces a piece of skill to beat a player, it is what he does next with the ball that matters, people complain.

End product is all that matters. Dembele used to best a player and then pass sideways so the man he had just beaten was then back behind the ball, beating him in the first place is that scenario is pointless, you have achieved nothing.

A winger who beats a man is nothing if he can't then create chances with a pass and have a shot with a realistic chance of scoring. What you create is far more important than what you can produce as a show pony.

Erik Lamela produced a lovely piece of skill to embarrass Andros Townsend, which is all well and good, but it was om the sideline where it didn't impact the game. Pochettino wants players to have an end product, he wants there skill to make a difference, not just to entertain the crowd. He is interested in goals

"The crowd loved it, but Pochettino sat stony-faced. I understand the reaction of our fans. It’s a very good thing. 
“To be honest I don’t like this type of thing. I understand the supporters enjoy it. I enjoy when my players score goals and win games. For me it was an action but nothing to say."

I'm with Pochettino, end product is what counts, it's what wins games. If you are going to produce something special it needs to be in an area where it hurts the opposition, where it will have an impact and create something.


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